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Engage Your Brain, Discover America with New Board Game

In a delightful blend of entertainment and mental stimulation, TRAVEL TRIVIA, U.S.A. is a new board game on the market designed to enhance knowledge while promoting cognitive health. Developed by Andrew N. Jason, this educational game is rooted in a deep passion for U.S. history and the benefits of mentally engaging activities.

The game features 1,000 questions and answers that challenge players to recall and learn intriguing facts about each U.S. state, collected meticulously during Jason’s extensive travels. “Keeping the mind active is just as important as physical exercise,” Jason explains. “Our game is crafted to engage players of all ages in the learning process, enhancing memory and focus through the fun of play.”

TRAVEL TRIVIA, U.S.A. is constructed with the highest quality materials, ensuring longevity and sustainability. The thoughtful inclusion of an extra die and the durable components demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and product endurance.

Ideal for RV travelers and homebodies alike, the game serves as a mental gymnasium, offering a healthy pastime that entertains while educating. “Our aim is to exceed what’s currently expected from board games in terms of both educational value and mental stimulation,” Jason adds.

Furthermore, Jason is actively seeking relationships with brick-and-mortar retailers to offer an alternative to online shopping, emphasizing the health benefits of engaging with community and physical spaces.

For more information, call 904-635-1027, email [email protected] or visit