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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine AND Greater Daytona Beach

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10033 Sawgrass Dr W, Ste 204
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

The body has the ability to heal, repair and maintain itself. This is an inherent design we are born with.

When disease occurs, regardless of the name of the condition, it is vitally important to try to find out why the disease or symptom developed otherwise how can you possibly know how to treat or correct the condition? This is the stark difference between a HEALTH expert and a SICKNESS model expert. Let’s use a flat tire as an example.

Suppose one day you see a tire going flat on your car. You go to a ‘tire expert’ who puts more air in the tire and that takes care of it but in a couple of days, it is flat again. The “tire expert” continues to say that you just need more air but now the tire continues to go flat faster and other problems are developing. Now you need air more and more frequently and maybe you’re to the point you need air every day or several times a day. Now obviously, a smart person, would want to know whythe tire is going flat, fix it and be done with adding air. The tire isn’t going flat because it lacks air …something else is causing the air to leak out. You might go to someone who would examine the tire and find that a nail is causing the problem that was leading to the flat tire. Just adding air did not fix the flat tire problem. This is just like taking drugs to reduce pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, indigestion or reduce other symptoms. It is not fixing the primary cause of the problem that is causing your symptoms. A good indication that you are getting worse is if you are needing to take more and more drugs to relieve your symptoms. You are getting sicker. In fact, if the drugs were really working, you would not need them but only for a day or 2. If you keep getting ‘nails in your tires’ or other symptoms, it will be far better to find someone who is really concerned about your health and will find the true cause of your problems. This way the symptoms will often resolve rather quickly without the need for drugs.