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Explore Local Artistry at Good Vibes Artisan Market

Good Vibes Artisan Market, located in the heart of Ormond Beach, is renowned for its unique offerings and commitment to fostering local arts and crafts. As a vibrant community hub, it stands out not only for its eclectic range of products, but also for its dedication to supporting local artisans and creators.

Owner Angela French describes Good Vibes Artisan Market as “a place where art meets the heart of the community. We are dedicated to providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and for the community to come together to appreciate the beauty of handmade crafts.” The market features an array of products from hand-crafted jewelry and unique home decor to organic foods and homemade treats, all sourced from local artisans.

The market’s positive impact on the local economy and its role in promoting sustainable practices is a testament to its mission. French adds, “Our goal is to offer a space that not only sells products, but also creates an experience that enriches our community and supports the environment.”

Location: 1022 U.S. 1, Ormond Beach. For more information, call 317-903-2384, email [email protected] or visit their Facebook market page