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Restore Body and Spirit with Listening to Smile’s Frequency-Minded Music

Listening to Smile, a pioneering wellness company based in South Carolina, is at the forefront of integrating healing sound frequencies into everyday wellness practices. Founded by Ian Morris, a multi-instrumentalist and sound therapist, the company has revolutionized the way people experience music by focusing on its therapeutic benefits.

Morris, through his personal health challenges, discovered the profound impact of frequency-minded music and has since dedicated his life to this unique sound wellness modality. “After facing serious health issues, I turned to holistic options and discovered the power of sound healing. This journey deeply influenced the foundation of Listening to Smile,” he shares. The company offers a variety of services including personal frequency coaching, sound therapy for workplace wellness and a popular monthly CD program that aligns with astrological energies and current events.

Listening to Smile specializes in creating customized soundtracks that aid in stress relief, anxiety reduction and overall mental and physical well-being. Their offerings are designed not just for individual use but are also tailored to enhance corporate wellness programs. “We provide tracks specifically designed to improve focus, communication and productivity in the workplace. Healthy, relaxed employees contribute positively to their organizations,” Morris explains.

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