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New Season of Laws of Abundance Podcast Offers Legal and Spiritual Advice

Angel Latterel

Angel Latterell, an attorney, project management professional and legal advisor with a specialization in metaphysical options for joyful living, is launching season three of her popular podcast, Laws of Abundance: Legal Advice from an Angel. The podcast offers a unique blend of legal expertise and spiritual guidance, catering to individuals seeking to integrate metaphysical concepts into their daily lives for enhanced well-being.

Each episode of Laws of Abundance is meticulously crafted to be both informative and engaging, distilling complex hermetic principles, spirituality and symbols into digestible 10- to 15-minute talks. Accompanied by practical exercises, the podcast is designed to inspire listeners and provide them with actionable insights to apply the lessons learned.

“The goal of each episode is to empower listeners by breaking down esoteric concepts into practical tools that can be seamlessly integrated into daily life,” explains Latterell. “It’s about making spirituality accessible and actionable for everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge.”

Listeners can look forward to new episodes every month, released on the last Tuesday, across all major podcasting platforms. Subscribers receive a regular dose of inspiration and the opportunity to explore wellness through spirituality from the comfort of their own space.

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