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Making Pregnancy Less Stressful

Veronica Giannini, the owner of Fertile Physiology, is a fertile physiology coach and Certified Immersive Meditation Facilitator who has created a new eBook that can be downloaded from her website. “I know women are dreaming of making 2024 the year they are finally on their way to welcoming their baby!” she says. “In the book, I go into further detail of the difference between survival physiology and fertile physiology. I share my biggest insights and the scientific research that I’ve uncovered over the years that supports my unique approach to accessing and leveraging our innate relaxation response. I share the most effective way to improve your mindset to support your fertility journey that is sustainable and lasting.” At the end is a link to a free, immersive meditation so anyone can put the information into practice right away.

Giannini shares, “I was a successful businesswoman working in New York City while trying to cope with my own fertility struggles. I tried to utilize the same skill set that made me successful in all the other aspects of my life, like pushing through stress, but fertility stress is different. When I realized that I needed a new skill set to cope and navigate my fertility journey, I began searching, but could not find an effective or natural solution that would reduce my stress and help me cope better with the multifaceted stress that came with a fertility journey. All of the research that I was coming across linked high stress levels with reduced pregnancy success, so I made it a priority to find a way to reduce my stress so that I could support my fertility efforts. Which ultimately led to a healthy pregnancy and the birth of my daughter.

“The first main benefit is relief. My clients start to feel better after our first session. I begin to shift their physiology from fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest quickly, which reduces their reactivity and helps them regulate their own emotions. Once I show them how quickly they can access their relaxation response, they become excited, as if they have uncovered a new stress-reducing superpower that is natural and self-generated. This creates a new sense of possibility that they take into the rest of their fertility journey.”

What sets her service apart is that she teaches women to quickly reduce stress and gain clarity for themselves through the innovative and unique practice of immersive meditation. “Immersive meditation is outcome oriented. This creates a lasting shift in mindset,” advises Giannini. “Unlike many of the fertility reset programs or challenges, I teach women how to create a self-generated, sustainable and effective way to reduce fertility stress and boost their energy so they can remain resilient through their journey to their baby.”

To contact Fertile Physiology, call 347-549-2659, email [email protected] or visit