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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine AND Greater Daytona Beach

Enjoying the Journey

Throughout history, humans have embarked on pilgrimages in pursuit of wealth, good fortune, divine enlightenment or other blessings, and these journeys could be considered the earliest manifestations of the type of adventure travel known today as spiritual tourism—some places qualify by virtue of their natural beauty or due to some historical, mythological or religious significance. For a trip that fosters mind-body-spirit self-care with a generous portion of adventure, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you in this month’s feature story.

Yes, travel can be an amazing way to invigorate the senses, stimulate imagination, refresh your mental framework and invite in new ideas and personal insights. I fondly recall the summer of 1976 when I was 13 and my mother shared the most marvelous news that my aunt Carol and uncle Leon, who lived by the ocean in Jacksonville, North Carolina, had invited me to visit for the summer. What a surprise for me, the oldest of seven children and right hand to my single mom working two jobs. Needless to say, the promised adventure felt like a miracle!

From the first moment I laid eyes on the Atlantic Ocean, I felt a closeness to our expanding universe like I never had before. It energized and enraptured me, and taking a deep, enlivened breath, I ran right to the water and jumped in. Body surfing felt like second nature to me. The gently rolling waves rocked me and eased my mind. I’d found a special place for my inner being to rest; soothed, calmed and comforted.

Even now, I still say that summer changed my life, and I’m forever grateful for my dear ones reaching out to gift me a much needed respite and an extraordinary opportunity for communing within. Many times since then when I’m at a crossroads, I find my heart beckoning me to the ocean for some ionized fresh air and clarity.

Wherever the path leads you this month, we hope that you find inspiration along the way to fill your soul with a passion and delight for life and the world around you. You’re sure to find plenty to nurture yourself and your loved ones in this issue, too. Let’s embark together on a new day and all that it has to offer. We invite you to explore the possibilities with us!

Happy Trails,

John and Trina Voell, Publishers


We are delighted to have Nathan Crane and Sylvie Beljanski, of the prestigious Beljanski Foundation, grace this month’s front cover. Crane is a researcher and holistic cancer coach, inspirational speaker and bestselling author. Beljanski. a lawyer by trade, is a health advocate for holistic medicine, public speaker, internationally known author and entrepreneur. The Beljanski Foundation’s mission is to study and share knowledge of effective, non-toxic natural solutions that work alone and in synergy with traditional Western medicine to cure cancer and other chronic diseases the natural way.

Be sure to attend the Beljanski Integrative Cancer Conference, Winning the War on Cancer,  from October 13 to 15, 2023, at the Southbank Hotel by Marriott Jacksonville Riverwalk. We will be glad to see you there!